How to Make an Adult Tutu

Saturday, May 25, 2013

You can't help but twirl in a tutu - and now that your a big girl in a crazy world, there's no one that deserves a good tutu twirl more than you. Learn how to make an adult tutu quick and easy - you will be twirling in no time!

100 yards of 9" tulle (eFavorMart had the best prices for spools of tulle. If you want a solid color tutu, choose the 100-yard spool, or mix and match 4 25-yard spools for a colorful or themed tutu.)

Ribbon or Elastic

Measuring tape


1. Measure: A tutu rides a little below the waist so measure at the hips. If you are using ribbon, add 12 inches to your measured length for the tie and cut. I cut two lengths of ribbon and zigzag stitched them together to give the ribbon a little bulk for the tulle to hang from. If you chose an elastic waist, cut to length and stitch closed. If possible, I would recommend the elastic waist as it tends to stay put a little better.

2. Measure Again: Now we will determine how long you want your tutu. Measure from your hip down and then double the number. I wanted a longer tutu so I measured 14 inches and cut my tulle strips at 28 inches.

5. Attach: The strips of tulle attach easily to the ribbon or elastic with a simple slip knot. Fold the strips of tulle in half, loop over ribbon and pull loose ends through. I fluffed this tutu by scrunching the tulle. Keep adding as you go until you reach the desired fullness. I initially made the knots really tight and really close, later having to separate and loosen them or I would have need 200 more yards of tulle!

6. Now get out there and twirl - you earned it!
DIY Tutu Tutorial

You find the ugly sweater of your dreams, then contact me via the comments here or Facebook - and I will give you a quote for your own custom tutu. Send your waist measurement and when you need it by, and soon you will be the proud owner of your very own twirling tutu - without any of the hassle! Want a matching one for your favorite little lady? or a bunch for a team costume? I can do that too!


  1. Replies
    1. Put a tutu on me and I won't stop! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing...I can't wait to make a tee-total black floor length for Halloween...Probably need 200 yards?!

    1. You are most welcome! We also made team ones for a Color Run we did this fall - they were a hit! How did yours turn out for Halloween? I would love to see a photo :)

  3. Did you use all 100 yards of tulle on that tutu??

    1. I did. I made the knots pretty tight and close together, then spaced them out afterward.

  4. How wide was the elastic band that you used? If you did not use elastic, what width would you recommend?

  5. I used ribbon on this one but have used elastic on others. I think 1 or 1.5 inch works best as if it is too skinny, it will roll. I found some no-roll elastic at Walmart that I have used for this and other projects. I has almost like grooves in it and is relatively thick. You can see a photo of it on my Christmas skirt post. I hope this helps - please let me know if you have other questions!

  6. Hey! Beautiful tutu! Thanks for posting! Loved it indeed!


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