Moving Forward: The First Run of the Winter

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today began the winter running season in Wisconsin. I could have stayed inside but the more I thought about the run, the more my heart raced with excitement. With the Thanksgiving holiday and hunting season week, it had been too long since I got out there - besides, a brand new pair of Brooks was waiting at my doorstep when I returned home on Sunday.

It was 32 degrees out, sleeting with 3 inches of snow on the ground from the previous night and cloudy. I decked myself out in Smartwool socks that go up to my knees, Nike Pro pants, Moving Comfort capris, an Under Armour tank, a Smartwool shirt and a Leinenkugel's fleece. I love my winter running wardrobe - mismatched warm items from what I have collected mixed with summer gear that can work as base layers. The beer sweater is just the icing on the cake!

As I took off down the icy path, I recalled how I have heard people say they won't wear their new shoes outside because they don't want to get them dirty. I understand, I guess, but I am different. My shoes hold my miles - every puddle, every ditch, every dirt pile. By the time they retire, they are shaped like my feet; perfectly formed just for me. They tell the story that has gotten me to where I am. 

Tonight I can tell I worked, even though my time doesn't show the same. The Wisconsin winter snowshoe shuffle worked my hip flexors, my abs tell me I jump around icy patches and my neck says I lost my footing a few times and had to adjust to stay upright. 

It has begun. The challenges keep it interesting - I welcome the blustery days as I trudge forward toward my goals of finishing a half marathon at 2:15.


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