Out-Running the Polar Vortex

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Apparently Santa teamed up with Mother Nature to send a bit of his North Pole weather south. What a jerk. After a few weeks of getting blasted with sub-zero highs - and the exorbitant heat bill that goes along with it - I was done; Screw this inside crap. I was pissed; Fuck off, Polar Vortex. And I hurt. 

Winter Running Tips and Clothing
For years I have had pain in my legs, twitching, numbness and other bizarre issues. Doctors never gave it much attention so I stopped asking. Then I started running. Since I don't have much faith in Western medicine, I self-diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and it seems to fit. Running has been the cure to much of the pain I was in. And this ridiculous weather makes me twitch - mentally and physically.

I had heard a rule once from some blogger that if it was below 20 degrees, they didn't run. For some reason I had decided to follow this rule. Maybe it was because these kind of temperatures come around during Christmas and the New Year so it is a good excuse to be lazy. Maybe it was because I didn't have confidence in myself to out-run the cold. Or maybe I have just decided to welcome the challenge. Either way, today I out-ran the Polar Votex and it. was. awesome.

Black Bling Nose Warmer, Teen, Tween, Woman, Nose Cozy, Crocheted, Cold Nose, AdultI was actually over-dressed except for my nose. That could have used a little nose muff. Hint Hint, Santa - this one even has a little bling on it.

Today I layered up and was peeling them off as I went, enjoying looks from passer-byes as I grinned my way through 4 miles. It wasn't a record distance or a record time, but it what I needed to get me back on track. Tomorrow is another 4 as I make my way to the St. Patrick's Day half-marathon in Las Vegas. Polar Vortex - You're a dill-hole but today, I win.

The Gear:
{Sunny but cold, ran at 0 degrees with a real feel of -11}
Knee-High Smartwool Ski Socks
Ankle-High Smartwool Running Socks
Nike Pro Hyperwarm Pants
Lined Nike Windpants (These are old as hell but are lined with a jersey knit material so they do the job)

Smartwool Shirt Baselayer
Adidas Running Tank (This is also old as hell - It was an impulse purchase from Kohl's and has been a favorite)
Whistlestop Wind Finisher Shirt
Avalanche Wear Sweatshirt

Under Armour Beanie Hat
Wind-proof Mittens
Ear Band for around my neck, mouth or over my nose

And my Brooks Ravennas

Remember, back in the day, this was just Winter.

And finally, a little proof of the cold - Boiling hot water turns to powder when thrown into the freezing cold air.


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